Train of destiny……a psychological thriller

Life is indeed strange!
In every bend, in every corner of life- life is ready with new surprises, with new twists- that can never be matched even with the wildest imaginations of the most thrilling pot-boiler.
Human brain sometimes tries to fathom the logic behind all the strange happenings-enough to beat wildest of imaginations in fictions.
Subconscious mind sometimes provides it with the answer.
Sometimes it remains silent, placing the human soul in a dilemma-where to go? What to do?
Past, present and future- all drifting towards uncertainty…………………. (Yes, I mentioned past.)
Bhaskryya Deka’s novel-‘The unwanted shadow’ –is a work of fiction that will put its readers into this uncertainty- where all the past, present and future of individual is blurred into a hazy shadow.
It’s an absorbing tale of love, hate and revenge……………
The first aspect that will catch reader’s attention is the utter simplicity of the language and the ease with which the story line flows. The story-line is spontaneously flowing like a stream-turn of events is making the story more and more interesting as it progresses.
He comes from one of the thousands of small towns of India-hails from a middle class background-but his ambitions were neither small nor middle class. His father – a school teacher had an ambition for him in his mind-being in the same profession-like father, like son-but he had some other ideas. He never wanted to be a frog in a well –but had some other ‘cosmic’ ambitions. And study was a means for him to climb up the ladder of ambition. In the words of the writer-
“And it was these dreams that gave me the incentive to study late in the night, till my eyes ached. Education means a lot of things to people, but for me it was an escape. With all the work in the in the house, sometimes things drove me crazy, but I knew that if ever I could leave this place, education would be my only saviour.”
He had three sisters.. As a member of a patriarch orthodox family- the crossing lines for the girl children had been earmarked by the head of the family-his father. To him – biting the apple of love is a sin and should be penalised strictly. So when one of our protagonist’s sisters did the same thing- his father not only punished her but also arranged for her marriage. And so she bade adieu to the family and her beloved brother. The moment of separation has been drawn up by the writer with skill
‘Richa didn’t talk to father before she got up in the bus, neither were there any tears in her eyes. And I just stood there. I didn’t say anything, only kissed her forehead. As the sun came up, I watched the bus drive away. It was the last time I ever saw Richa,’

The writer portrayed the character of the father purposefully- a small tyrannical ruler of their family-any cry of protests was invariably to be silenced. And when our protagonist Manoj had announced that he wanted to go to Delhi for further studies –it was to be obstructed. But such was the strength of the will that his will was conquered-albeit amid a price.
And then one day…………………..
‘Father told me that he had some things to do and would join me in the evening in front of the elementary school, at the end of the highway. I nodded okay, and watched his old figure ride away, snaking through the crowd of the market.’
But they never met again.
And he had not returned…the next day….the day after……
Until his stabbed body was discovered…..and his death remained shrouded in mystery.
The author had made his plot truly reliable and after finishing this much of the book my first impression was-what the young chap will do now? He is caught in a dilema-whether to continue with his determination or to look after his family. But it was soon proved that his strength of will is far stronger than I had anticipated- he went to Delhi.
And his dreams of a separate identity were taking a definite shape. Not only he was slowly getting a firm ground beneath his feet as a writer winning the attention of lady luck, but also he was able to win her lady love-his first girl friend. (Both ladies at a time….)
Here the author has painted a picture of their romance and love making with the precision of a master craftsman-but still there was some barrier between Manoj and her girlfriend-
‘It was like she had created a wall around herself. I didn’t know if she loved me at that point of time, but I was sure of one thing; that she would never let me go to the other side of the wall.’
The destiny of that romance was in separation- and soon he discovered why. but Aphrodite was merciful to him –soon he found his second girlfriend- and this time the arrow of cupid struck the target. Love birds got unified in marriage.
On the day of marriage itself his world was shattered like fragile glass-all his dreams of a happy family fell like a pack of cards.
He was no more the same Manojthe world knew-a dark shadow had embraced his past, present and future.
Where the destiny will take Manoj?
Will he be able to know why his world has fallen?
Will he be able to detect the cause of the strange happenings around him?

It is a well crafted psychological thriller-that explores the emotions of human mind- the dark sides of human mind and the bright side also.
That separates an animal soul from a human soul.
After all the world may be merely a stage and we may be merely players- but players can sometimes play their own game too!
Controlling their own entrances and their own exists…………….

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