Rule of jungle……………..

It’s a savage world-where the rule of the jungle thrives.
In this strange world-fierce animals roam on the streets of the modern day world in disguise of human, hiding their sharp teeth, canine jaws and dagger like claws. Here the survival of the fittest is the rule of the day. Here words like friendship, trust, loyalty are only to be found in dictionary and words like corporate ethics have been given a complete go bye! Animal in the form of human can go to any length to achieve their heinous objective!
Welcome to the world of Stan Youcum’s chilling thriller ‘Unrelenting Nightmare.’ before starting with a book I have a bad habit of going through the blurb. I did the same with this book too and immediately jumped to the conclusion that the blurb revealed too much of the story-probably the whole story!
Then I started with the book and found almost immediately what a fool I am. There are unpredictability at every page and the storyline getting so diverse after a while, that the blurb seems to have revealed only the tip of the iceberg.
It is the desert. And “time seemed to slow as the sun beat down on the parched land. Nothing moved to make noise; only an erratic silence lingered beyond its welcome. a light breeze moved across the desert landscape, momentarily disrupting the stillness in the air. Leaves on the sparse plants adorning the area moved with its gentle coaxing. a small lizard darted from the shade of the scrub brush and scurried across the sun-bleached ground, taking refuge by an old, discarded trunk tree.”
A picture drawn with words, isn’t it?
And amid the silence of the desert- four men waiting patiently for their prey- the four members of the US army’s elite delta force. Their target is a terrorist leader –heavily guarded. And long waiting had their rewards-after and action packed sequence of fighting ‘left over sixty terrorists or Iranian soldiers dead or wounded.’
Then the real drama had started.
Corporal Cameron Clark-the shooting specialist of the team who by the words of the writer-“he was also very quiet and somehow distant from his three comrades in arms. But his loner attitude has nothing to do with being an introvert. No, his reasoning was much more complex.” – sprang into action. Three of his comrades were mysteriously murdered by the commando. Let us take a peek at the description of the murder sequence
“Confused, he turned back to Clark’s direction. Through his night vision goggles, he could see Clark pointed directly at him. Incomprehension filled his thoughts. What was going on? He saw the muzzle flash. Then he saw and felt nothing.”
What was it? Blasting heat blasted through the brain wave of the corporal? Was he mentally ill?
Did he placed the trigger of the gun to his head and pulled out the trigger?
Had he vanished into oblivion?
His past was erased, present is unknown………
To the world Corporal Clark is a dead man.
Curtain is down to the storming of the desert episode.
And curtain of a new drama is up in the dark world of crime.
Nomed, a mysterious contract killer is there in the underworld. it is a complex process contacting him-it is equally complex to convince him-and it makes a big hole in your wallet – but once you are through, you are more or less certain that your target is out of this world.
Nomed is synonymous with death-like death, nobody knows when his poisonous venom is going to make his target blue.
And there is a new work for this guy-Nomed.
Next World-is a brainchild of Stuart Garrison –the chairman of the Virtual Reality Impressions. Next World is like a giant leap for the software industry-signalling a transition from the virtual reality animation to virtual reality realism. In the words of the writer, it is
“A key component of the system was the virtual reality room, which essentially was a stark, grey room that housed all the necessary components of the system. Once the user entered the room and initiated the linkup to a similar room located elsewhere ,whether that was across town, across the nation, or in the other side of the of the world ,the intensity of the gray room would effectively change into whatever environment had been selected –all in three dimension, living colour imagery,”
This virtual reality dream was Garrison’s propellant force since he was in Universal System’s Inc- the world’s biggest hardware manufacturer. And this dream was the cause of his rift with Preston McBraid-the C.EE.O. And this dream prompted him to say goodbye to Universal-and starting his own.
And he didn’t forget to invite Preston on the eve of the launch of the Next World-the epoch making software.
Preston watched and instantly realized the worth of it-and he was immediately after taking over the software corporate-at any cost. When the proposal for buying was refused by Garrison –he took a bend way and bend way in most of the cases crosses over with criminal world.
Nomed comes as a part of his master plan-to take over the control over the Next World-that is almost certain to revolutionize the software industry.
Will Preston be able to succeed in his evil intent?
Where the destiny will take Garrison and the Next World?
Will the jigsaw puzzle ultimately be solved?
With his vast expertise of corporate world-Stan Yocum has made this snake and ladder game of corporate world wonderfully alive-the reader is certain to experience the joy of visualizing the total story. The story runs at a breath necking speed and sure to offer the reader more wonders than I have enjoyed reading this book.
Because I have read the book only once till now –but our readers are sure to read this book again and again!

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