Arithmetic of relations

It’s the story of India coming of age.
That’s the story of a mind swinging like a pendulum between hope and despair-hope of a new lease of life and despair after finding out that life!
The story of deep realization in life has been served in the coating of humour.
That’s the story of Mini-the twenty-first century Indian urban woman- told fascinatingly by Shubha Menon in her hilarious romantic comedy –“The second coming.”
Our protagonist- Mini –is a little overweight and still dreams of making it again to her good old days-when she was in size zero (probably). She likes to live on a scanty food-but the world around you is so treacherous. Instead of feeding a starving skeleton like child- everybody is conspiring in feeding that oversized mumbo- jumbo! And she is getting forty plus-winter is daring to come in her life-and menopause is knocking at her door. the lady needs a romance- a last minute heart warming affair that has been abstained in her life for decades-or if her mental state is taken into account( where time is very fast-it is all play of relativity) for centuries.
in this backdrop starts the story of this childless couple –where he is obsessed with cricket and dogs and she is passionate about food and getting back to size zero( what a colourful life)!
And to her awe, the physician consoled her
“It can be wonderful, I can tell you. It’s just another phase of life. a lot of woman welcomes it! This is simply nature’s way of preparing you for grandchildren. And imagine never having to worry about staining your Kanjeevaram silk! I’ve been through it and I vouch for it. Nothing like the freedom menopause gives you.”
Heaven’s sake-she was adding salt to the injury-‘preparing for grandchildren’-what a thought!
And so absorbed was she in her thought-that while driving her car –she forgot to notice some obvious things-except one fanatic running behind her car. Delhi is full of rapists-she thought and reached her house where as usual her hubby was watching the cricket match-
“They scarcely looked up when she entered-‘Er….what’s the score?’ she asked, tentatively.
‘India needs twenty runs to win, four balls to go’-Shyam replied, without taking his eyes off the screen.
‘And who’s batting?’-she asked, trying hard to look interested.
Three pairs of male eyes turned to her in unison, their expressions a mix of incredulity and rage. Mini beat a hasty retreat.”
Laughter comes spontaneously, not as imposed constraints-as you read through the pages. Her style of creating a comedy is impeccable-both through situation and through words-creating dry humour.
And then the fanatic rapist entered the scene-
“Mimi couldn’t believe her eyes. Standing outside, was the roadside Romeo. He was staring at her as if he was looking at a ghost. She was about to deliver all the Punjabi abuses she knew when she spoke-‘Ma’am, you drove away with my car.’
I am leaving it to the Imagination of my reader what follows next!
And then come the twist in the tale-the event management company where the lady is engaged is going to host one grand wedding of a Rajput Prince with a Bollywood starlet and she was engaged with a conversation with the manager of the Delhi organisation ,something like-
‘Our Mumbai branch needs a creative person Mrinaliniji. I told them I’d send my best……’s for a great, royal wedding and there are no limits on the budget! Can you imagine, Mrinaliniji? No budget! What an opportunity, Mrinaliniji!’
The whimsical kid inside our protagonist promptly declined the offer, but later she calculated from her abstract point of view-not from any mathematical point of view of course-
1. That in the priority list of her hubby she is at the least bothered about subject-the colour of their romance is now experiencing different shades of grey and he seems to be more concerned about their doggy than the ‘bag of cellulite’.
2. That relocating at Mumbai she can teach that chauvinist pig a lesson.
3. That menopause is knocking at the door and she will soon will be a grand mom san any human -children –except doggy child!
4. Relocating in Mumbai can give her a chance to date with somebody-a last romance-it may be dance pe chance or may be work pe chance!
So the lady was on her adventure to Mumbai-not without some hilarious moments in between.
And in Mumbai airport
“Turning around, she saw a Greek god. He looked like he had just walked out of one of her romantic novels. Surely he wasn’t looking for her?
‘Mrs. Mehta? I am Rustoum from soul mates. May I take your bags?
Mini stared. And keep on staring. ohmygosh, he was carrying a bouquet of rose! Were they for her? They were! Unbelievable.”
Anything more to explain? She is desperate for an affair-he is a lady-killer!
But life is never so simple to explain.
Will the modern Apollo receive her heart? What about her husband? Will she find the true love she was searching for so long?
Serious questions- but get ready for a fun packed answer!
And where the destiny will take the trio?
It is an absorbing fluid read-and starting with it will only end in finishing it-you just can’t put it down in between.
And yes, modus operandi of event planners have been described in precise details into the book-so if you are planning to be into this big business-it can show you some light.

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