Perhaps with a drop of tears……..

Life is like a flowing river!
over the course of its flowing, life too changes its direction of flow-sometimes obstructed by a mere boulder, sometimes obstructed by a mighty hill –but like river, life too has the potential to rediscover its own course of flow.
life never stops-it is always dynamic-always flows from despair to a new hope, always flows from night to a new dawn, always flows past grief and pain towards the direction of a new joy.
That dynamism makes human life so wonderful, so precious.
‘With you-my love, my life’ by Manu is a picture of this dynamic life-a life shared by two-in their emotions, in their laughter, in their tears and finally…………
It’s a romantic work of fiction, but more than that it is a personal memoir of Dr. D. Manoj Kumar-his happier days and his days of grief in company and in separation with his brown eyed girl-Sweatha. To understand the book better, we have to take glimpses into the background of the story. So I will quote a few lines from the acknowledgement of the book-
“I consider ‘With you’ as a sacred book, one with all my emotions penned into it. this book made me smile and made me cry; after all it is born out of my pure love for the girl whom I love.
……Firstly, a big thanks to my brown eyed girl Swetha(Janu). Without her, I wouldn’t be writing this book. She has been my inspiration all through this sacred journey.”
Even in this tech savvy generation Y youth of today, love exists. The form may be a bit different-like fast food it is first love and supersonic dating age-but the first addiction of love, its sweet feeling like a splash of shower-still do exist even today, when human is running relentlessly in order to stand at the same position!(confused?)
And our protagonist was hurt by the arrow of cupid in the same way-the difference is here the messenger was facebook and through chatting their first dating was fixed. The description of her first appearance on their first meeting is sure to steal reader’s mind
“She had turned golden with the rays of the sun shining on her flawless beauty. She put up the sun to shame. Beautiful was too small a word to compliment her. She had made my day. Her blue dress fit her perfectly. She had a scarf covering her head like an Italian woman. She was fair with flawless skin and luscious red lips. I had an irresistible urge to kiss her right at that moment.”
And from then on their lives seemed to have wings-days passing by like storm in a desert and with each passing day-life seemed to be more golden to both. It was settled for a destiny.
“Life picked up pace. As the days passed, I became closer to her. Our mobiles ran out of charge in our depression to talk with each other. For the first time in my life, I searched for sms offers and extra talk times offers provided by my mobile carrier. Over time, I knew she had fallen in love with me but she never expressed her feelings. I knew she was waiting for me to propose to her. Those days have a special place in my hearts.”
And ultimately the confession of a lover came from her mouth-it was the birthday of the girl

“It’s not a gold ring. Right now I can’t afford that.” I said, smiling at her.
Who cares for a gold ring when I have you? That’s enough” she said as she opened the box.”
And days passed by-amid beautiful blooming of love. Then came the stormy nights, after a sunny day-so torrential, that the ship of his life was unable to locate the harbour.
In which direction both their lives will be propagated? Will they ever be able to see each other again?
Was the destiny of their life is separation?
Or will they meet again-when the boy has to save the girl from the cold touch of death?
Orpheus was unable to save Eurydice from the jaws of death? Will this modern day Orpheus will be successful in his mission.
Read to discover this fascinating story of life.
Because reel life can never be a match to real life.
The imagination of human is always defeated by the imagination of that great whimsical child called the God.
But one thing I must add at the conclusion.
No, nothing about the style, language, narration style of the book.
These things become pretty meaningless when a creation can perhaps attracts drops of tears from your eyes.
which is the basic ingredient of a great work!

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