Science fiction with a difference……………

And the world is shaping us again!
The days of apocalypse are over-indomitable life force has defeated the power of destruction again-it is a new dawn of human civilization.
And no-this time the power of destruction is not from any external force-no alien power has invaded the earth, no comet has shattered the terrestrial life, no ice age has destroyed the rhythm of life.
The destruction has come within-the suspicion, greed, lust of a species called mankind had triggered the last war of human civilization-the war that literally shook the world-the geophysical composition of earth has been changed.
In this backdrop starts Roland Hughes’s ‘John Smith-last known survivor of the Microsoft wars’ –one of the most extraordinary science fiction of contemporary times.
Extraordinary –because there are only two characters, yet it tells the most complex story.
Extraordinary-because it warns the human species what may come in the coming days-no Mayan calendar will be required to announce the death this time!
Extraordinary-because in spite of being a science fiction the scope is epic!
And the story began with a reporting session in progress- a reporter taking the interview of John Smith-one of the last known survivors of the war that had shattered the human progress. The entire story is a sequel of reporting sessions-and not only the human civilization but the humanity as a whole has been viewed from a different perspective in every session.
What can a war possibly do? The effect can be something beyond your wildest imagination. In the words of the writer
“After the events of 2013, depending upon how you look at it, part of Canada became the land mass you now call the Dians continent. The rest of the North American continent also turned and split up. Some say it simply had an ocean from over part of it. The difference between split or sink doesn’t really matter. Today, you cannot walk from one chunk to the other, so they are considered separate continents.”
Ocean tsunami? Meteorite impact? Comet crashing on earth?
Or something that has to do with the human species behaviour-the most complex psychology of all the living creatures-weaving a spidery web where the preys are themselves!
John Smith has told the reporter a story of the bygone world-where men were monitored like a machine 24*7 –where the term privacy is to be found on dictionary-the term human dignity gradually becoming an extinct species and the identity of man is gradually turning out to be a complex id
“The vast majority of the citizens carried with them a 24-hour monitoring device, which could be accessed remotely and would, via GPS, give a complete picture of their travels. Each one had a unique ID. Best of all ,the devices were marketed in such a way as to make people think they were nothing unless they had one and kept it with them all the times.”
Think reader, think! You know really well what the device it-chances are very bright that you are literally addicted to it.
leaving it to the imagination of the reader –let us venture to the part where the cruel weapon called the nuclear power has been given a new perspective- a perspective that perhaps Albert Einstein or Robert openheimer never had in mind when they had repented after acting as catalysts in the application of one of the most deadly weapons that civilised human has ever witnessed-wiping out two cities
“Wiping out two cities, three days apart, without losing any lives was something that had not been done before…….the rest of the world learned a lot from those bombings and the subsequent rebuilding of Japan. For the first time, we have beyond a shadow of a doubt that radiation sickness wasn’t something theoretical. Aid workers were sent to Japan documented the slow and horrible death most suffered from radiation poisoning.”
They have discussed every aspect of civilization-starting from the evolution of earth on life touching the dynamic history of life touching the ethics, politics and all. But alas! The new world that has seen the new dawn of another civilization has yet to invent the way to store the information that human has invented and discovered after ages! That’s why-
“So you have a list written on paper and stored in a wooden box along with other burnable things, but you do not have the conservation that prompted your uncle to invent a cure. Your uncle most likely created a new field of medical study for your people but it is not recorded on stone in a pyramid. Instead, it is common knowledge, it will remain unrecorded and the beginning will be lost.”
The book is a chronicle of the story of human race marching onwards- everything is on offer, be it the lost continent Atlantis or the mysterious curse of the Pharaoh- the book is where the time has been stopped and you, the reader is listening to the creator of the universe
“Let there be light!”
Why the Atlantis got destroyed? There is biblical version and a version by the author too-
“The conquerors themselves got conquered. When the Greeks seized Atlantis, they didn’t know enough about the technology during the battle and did something that caused a massive chain reaction, which imploded the island.”
How the man has shaped their own destiny-how the script of ruin had been written by the man himself-it is a thoroughly enjoyable book-written to let you discover a different dimension altogether.
Because frame of reference does matter-in understanding and in enjoyment!

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