Human and nonhuman- one amazing saga……….

Life on earth can be traced back to a history of interaction between living beings and the environment. It is only in the last five hundred years or so a species named Homo sapiens has made a lasting and sever change to the way mother earth interacts with her offspring. The industrial revolution and the last two world wars have made a fast changing in the environment pattern of the world. The unexpected surge of technical and scientific thoughts and products has not only made a lasting change to the behavioural pattern of the modern generation but also threatens our very existence.
In this backdrop it is amazing to think that our young generation is still gets allured by the soft petals of the blooming flowers after a fresh shower, chirping of the birds in silent afternoon, scintillating lights from a fluorescent butterfly. No story can attract the toddlers and the youngsters more than the story of thrilling world of the animals. In this process adults often get puzzled to answer all the quarries that a green mind has in store. And when the animal world is the world under water? They get more fascinated.
Merjella by Yuvaraja Dhayanthi tells the young mind the story of this nonhuman world- an amazing story where they plan a strategy, can make a plan to take revenge , can break trusts just like their human counterpart. In this story two parallel stories run side by side –one under water of the non human world and one above water of the human world. as the story progresses we will discover that a point there remain no distinction between a non human mind and a human mind –their psychology, thinking, emotions ,joy, pain all overlap into a symphony.
Let us get acquainted with the nonhuman characters of the story-Jella-‘a dark brownish and not so appealing octopus’, the small Qwerty –‘ a bright yellow fish with a vibrant long purple tail and long ribbon like fins’, Bingo-‘the glowing green starfish’ Mimico –‘a brown and white striped octopus with the ability to imitate other sea creatures.’ and it turned out our protagonist Jella is no simple lady! She is the rightful owner of the kingdom of Zypher –ruled by her species Jellopuses! It is the story of treachery and betrayal by which Chiro from the species Malojels took over the advanced kingdom of Zypher- a kingdom where
“Artificial sails and fins were designed to help transport the old and the physically challenged. Sea carts were made out of shells and were widely used to transport goods.
Oil spills were discovered, and refining techniques were developed to extract oil and use them and use them as fuel for various purposes. Later as an alternative source for oil, they invented ways to extract it from the dead fishes by effectively organizing body donation schemes.”
If you ask that with a lifespan of two and half years how can octopus build such a technologically advanced nation then this reviewer is helpless. One thing however can be assured this is a fantasy story for the enjoyment of young minds and plentiful of it is available from the book along with information on marine life…
The way the author describes the last moments of the emperor –Tarjo, defeated by betrayal is sure to attracts some droplets of pearl in the eyes of our young readers
“Tarjo calmly replied back-‘all that you said was about destruction, Chiro. But it takes pride to create, not to destroy.’
The enraged Chiro stamped Tarjo’s body with another string, saying-“this very second, you may rest.”
At Tarjo hit the bottom of the floor, he was still alive. Chirco went near him to have a closer look……
Chiro, with all his might and a ton of arms, stung Tarjo one last time to inject all his venom simultaneously. Tarjo finally died.”
Jella-being the daughter of the betrayed emperor- has a burning desire to avenge. But something extraordinary did happen with her. It is a human lady-wounded, breathing her last, sharks are after her and
‘The lady’s size diminished when Jella pulled her in, and with that force, she went straight inside Jella’s mouth.
Jella’s body went through some rapid amoebic transformations. Jealla,with the lady inside her, began to deform and reform, taking on random shapes. ..For Jella,it was so painful that she was shaken vigorously in the water ,completely out of control. She then fainted, and she dropped down to the sea floor, on the bed of the beautiful ball shaped white anemones.”
The lady was an inventor-and now is inside Jella. Her name was Marina-and now there are two separate lives in one body-one human and another is non human.
Why she was wounded? Can she trace out who had done this?
And what about Jella? Will she be able to avenge the cruel behaviour on her father?
Read and discover-how a story can take up the shape us the form of a reality, compels the reader to think, sometimes it become confusing to determine whether it is a story for teens or for adults. Take for example this description of nations
“Well, a nation will be our identity, our pride, our belief, and the one that will untie us, harmonize us, and drive us to live better and prosper further. Every morning, we wake up of fears being attacked or killed by a stronger species. Fearing this, we either live in hiding or move constantly to evade our enemies.”
They will not know themselves when in their unconsciousness seeds of thinking have been rowed up in their mind-soil.
I have asked the writer a question about the book, to which he answered me as follows-
I asked him about how he want to categorise the book to which he answered-
I see the book as a fantasy with sci-fi elements. The base is fantasy and the characters (Marina and Deimos are inventors) required sci-fi elements. I know the narration have definitely narrowed down the audience to the story, but I am sure it didn’t go too deep into one genre to stop cross audiences from enjoying the story. I only hope this will work to the advantage.
And yes I will like to add up that the characterisation is precise-with blood and flesh human emotions-compelling you to get acquainted with the characters. the style is unusual and will embrace his or heart easily .

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