Moonchild- a saga of eclipse

As per the Book of Enoch, the sons of God, the angels saw the charming girls into Earth-got lured to them and took earthy girls as their wives. The angels taught their wives all matters of forbidden things. The girls bore children who grew up to become giants-and they were destinated to become enemies of human, causing great destruction to civilization. The pain and suffering cry of helpless human reached the heaven and God sent his archangels to bind and capture the fallen angels. Meanwhile the warning of impending destruction was sent to Noah-who built up his famous arc to preserve life on earth. The warrior angels captured the fallen angels. They were tired before God and faced judgement of torture at heaven.
The fallen angels are devoted to sin. Unlike guardian angels-they found pleasure in corrupting men and promoting indulgence. The fallen angels are much more methodical and patient in the matter of their wrongdoings-which makes them much more terrifying. Only wicked ones are near and dear ones to the fallen angels.
Here ends the mythological part and starts a world of myth and mystery, a world of a teenage of fifteen years who has just started to realise the blooming of her youth and mind. This is the world of Eve-from a sleeping town in Poland- wonderfully crafted in artistic precision by Ewa Zwonaraz in her supernaturalist fiction Moonchild.
From the prologue of the story itself the mystery environment starts to take a shape-occupying the mind of the reader with a foggy world-where everything is seen in a silhouette -you have to keep guessing continually who the real person is? Or is he at all a person? The girl has some unknown connection with the moon –with the phrases of the moon-somebody likes to say something in her dreams ……….
In her words
“When one night the moon began speaking to me, I discovered that the angel’s souls never left our earthy plane. They kept drifting through space in search of their human consorts. What if love could bring them back? I wondered looking at the moon’s face. The more I attuned myself to its whisperings, the more I remembered. And when one day he finally found me, what once was a legend became my destiny.”
She is successful in creating a mist around the whole environment from the very beginning.
it was in her dreams-some fazed image comes, tries to tell her something-which stirs some part of her mind compelling to think of something from the distant past, something that may had happened with her.
in writer’s words-“it was a strange face , a man’s face frozen in time, bearing snake-like features with high cheekbones, a long jaw and narrow eyes that remained shut , I squinted mine, a distant memory hurling at me from afar. But that inner flash of rumination shattered into pieces the moment his eyes opened and ignited with sulphuric flames, making me almost lose my focus.”
Keeping into view that it is the debut novel of the writer, she showed rare maturity in narration and description-that can hardly be expected of a seasoned writer. May be it is the consequence of her avid research in mythology, mystery and unified science.
Now let us return back to the story. From the onset the psychological conflict of the protagonist has been articulated by the writer at ease-especially the seesawing of relations of her childhood friend Ben. It is all very natural for a fifteen year teen –to be undeterminanat at this crossroad of life.
Here comes a strange guy in her life- a guy named Punk. let us see what he has to say about himself
“I’m what I want to be. And that changes daily.”
“I’m searching for the lost traces of myself.”
In the old public library she discovers a book-the book which tells about a boy, his growing up and his fate, his quest for his identity. A strange world has started to reveal before her-a world where supernatural and natural coexist. Destiny takes to her to discoverer unexpected feat and to discover Daniel-her own old brother. it is almost irresistible to resist the temptation of quoting some lines depicting her first encounter with her brother-in her beautifully crafted words
“Blood drained from my face, father’s accusation of Mom’s infidelity…her guilt, her pain…her perpetual, unexplained pain. Could it be all have been related to Daniel’s story? The answer becomes clear. Daniel was at the centre of my family drama, and it took me embarking on this trip to discover it. This is why Punk said to me that if I went, I would find the thread that would lead me towards the truth, which had eluded me for my fifteen years of my existence.”
At every turn of the story, there is unpredictability waiting for you –trying to whisper something in your ear, in this land of mist, in these story of undefined moments-where relations take new dimension and redefine themselves as the storyline unearths.
And what about her mission? Will she be able to save the fallen angel Sariel from his curse?
Where the destiny will take Eva?
sarial’s prayer hurls herself into an age old story of love, curse and redemption ,takes her to a quest to discover her own identity, to find what secrets are buried in her family history and getting increasingly isolated from her social world!

If I divulge the story line further, reader will accuse me of spoiling the whole environment.
But before I conclude, I will add that the book has been nominated as finalist for Bookbzzz’s Book of the year 2015 and in my view it is a well deserved nomination.

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