Ramayana-the timeless epic……

What made this epic to defy the jaws of time and remain alive within billions even after thousands of years it was first told?
What is the relevance of this epic on today’s world-today’s first paced world when human is running towards an uncertain future.
Why the generation Y who does not know anything except them, will think of that old valued classic , leave aside reading it?
Because this epic can take them to the path of self realization, give them a break to think where they are running to and for what.
This epic- Ramayana teaches us to think for others-the epic is itself a saga of self sacrifice. Rama-the noble king had calmly accepted the ordeal of exile in spite of no fault of him and to honour the words of his father. Sita accepted the hardship of living in a forest in-spite of being used to the luxury of a palace to respect the marriage bond. Laxman had accepted the hardship of forest life and facing the danger to honour the bond of siblings and last but not thee least Bharat had sacrificed the kingdom only to honour his brother,which can be an eye opener to the society at large.
When human values are becoming increasingly rare –the family values, ethics, moral values are becoming rare words to be found in dictionary alone this teachings are invaluable to the modern day society. On this despairing backdrop the epic assumes special importance to offer invaluable teachings of life.
what can be a more better book than ‘Ramayana-the game of life’ book two Shattered dreams by Subha Vilas to teach these lessons –where the storyline is extended over Ayodhya Kanda and depicts the story of Rama’s coronation in the city of Ayodhya, the exile into the forest and the regency of Bharat.
We have already discussed the uniqueness of Subha Vilas’s book in our earlier review and don’t intend to go into depths of that again. So let us straight go into the storyline which is in waiting for us to offer endless joy and happiness!

Mental turmoil of Dhasaratha has been well captured by Subha Vilas at the onset of book two. He was fighting with the demon within him-the curse of an old blind parent was haunting him even in his dreams. The emotional storm within his mind is articulated in such a way so as to mesmerize every reader. Let us take glimpses from the book
“He seemed to be running past every memory, every incident and every event of his life as he tried to stay off the evil creature’s reach. As every little detail of his life flashed by with each step that he took, he heard a blood –cuddling, chilling shriek. Could it be the monoester? Alas no! It was his past! How could his life let out such a spine wrecking scream?”
It was an eventful life for the celebrated k
ing- his name is testimony to his fame. He was so named in a fight against Sambarasura. Requested by heavenly demigods he had a fight with the illusory demon that can create his nine other variants and the king had to fight ten demons at a time. The war had been won by the king ultimately and
Dasaratha! Dasaratha! Dasaratha!” the eleated and relieved demigods had cried. They had been watching the battle from afar. Nemi was now Dasaratha, the man whose chariot could move in nine directions,”
Now let us come to the story. The king, thinking it was his journey’s end decided to step down. So he spoke to his council of ministers
“I want my eldest son Rama to take over from me, and I want to retire to focus on the deeper aspects of my own life. I have served you for all for so long and now I request you to grant me some time to serve myself……so dear friends, please be forthright with your opinions about my decision so that a consensus can be reached at the earliest.”

Just like book one this book two ,too offers priceless teachings to mould your life at the footnote. Related to this conversation of the king with his court ministers, the teaching is
“Just as pressure between two powerful stones grinds grains to fine powder, consensus between neutral people results in well-rounded and impartial decisions.”
The coronation is going to take place soon and Rama is going to be the deserved successor of the throne. And he announced to his would be subjects in open court
“ Ayodhya will be ruled by one king in two bodies. Together we will rule the kingdom bestowed upon us by our father. I desire to rule the kingdom only for your sake.”
It all seemed smooth sailing for Ayodhya, but the king spent sleepless nights. What is going inside his mind?
“He sat in front of his mirror, and once again, a strand of gray caught his attention. The gray glistened against the dark backdrop of the night, almost as if trying to say something to him. What is it? Why was he focussing on the one gray strand? Did the gray of the hair and the black of the night allude to something? What horrors lay ahead?”
The writer has painted a brilliant picture of the emotional conflict of the king-which renders this version of the Ramayana unique in character .this is a feature of book two in line with book one of ‘Ramayana-the game of life.’
And what he was afraid of took the shape of reality-stood in front of him none other than the shape of his dear wife Kaikeyi. she claimed the two boons that long days ago the King had promised to provide her,when she helped him in the fight against the demon.
Of course, Kaikeyi, don’t hesitate, just ask”
Dasaratha was like a deer entered a hunter’s trap, allured by the hunter’s sweet flute.
“With the first boon, I claim the throne of Ayodhya for my son Bharat and with the second .i want Rama to be exiled to the forest of Dandakaryana for 14 years, where he will live like an ascetic wearing barks deerskin and have match hair. That’s all I want, o king.”

The king became unconscious hearing what she had in her mind.
We have mentioned the last line to make a feature of this book known to the reader-it is the analysis of situation. As in book one- every move that a single character takes, every action he makes are analysed in details by the writer. So let us see what the writer has on offer for this unconsciousness
“Have you ever wondered why pubs are dark and classrooms bright? why are pictures of people with mighty muscles put up in gyms and pictures of beautiful people put up in beauty parlours…..the two biggest epics of India have a common theme…..the stories evolve around decisions made in wrong environment, influenced by misplaced priorities and with extreme overconfidence.”
If I divulge the story further, it will act as a spoiler. So readers take a dip in this river of the epic and discover the joy of truth….
But before we conclude, a little quote from the conclusion
“What has Dhandakaranya in store for the trio? Are they going there voluntarily or are they being sucked by some unknown force? Was Anusuya actually predicting the future or was the telling Sita that she could change it by her decision?”
As I have told at the end of book 1, book 2 too will have a ripple effect after you conclude the book.
That will inspire you to read the book again and again and again……

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