A journey together-of Tiger mates……

How it feels when you see your death is approaching you-in silent feet, but sure and certain to catch you-sooner or later.
Death is not in a hurry-because it knows that you have no power to escape its iron claws!
It’s not easy to describe such situation-particularly on paper. Those who work with audiovisual media can only make such death scenes reliable on celluloid- that too who are very efficient with it.
I found the same shock that a movie can only provide with the death sequence, with which the book Tiger Mates by Amrish Shah begins. It was unbelievable –particularly on the backdrop, that this is only his debut novel. Then I suddenly remembered –oh this guyis also the scriptwriter of Don 2. It is for him a mere cakewalk to provide such visualization effects to his readers.
For the reader, the lure to quote some lines is irresistible-
“Madhav is frozen to eternity. He imagines a black cloud swallowing him like hell has arrived on this very earth. Through the dark matter he sees his helpless family followed by his doting son Raghav crying out for him on the other side. ….he blinks again; those thick black irises make him look like a madman, he shifts his head to the left and without a word shoots his head at point-blank. Kedar inhales the smell of blood to soothe his nerve. Madhav’s fragments of skull and soft brains are sprayed on the wall behind him and a smear of blood strains Kedar’s right check.”
For the convenience of the reader this is the murder scene of a police informer who caught spying on a Naxalite group.
For those readers who are not acquainted to this biggest internal threat of Indian democracy, particularly friends from outside India Naxalite movement has started way back in sixties, when extreme radical communist leaders of west Bengal had started a movement for the rights of the tribal in forest lands for agricultural and pharmaceutical products and for implementing the right of the landless labours to agricultural land in the backdrop of land reform acts. As per central government estimate of 2006, there are 20,000 armed guerrilla cadres operating under the movement along with some 50000 regular cadres across India. It is also believed that this movement has links with separatist and ultra movement prevalent in the north eastern and northern part of India.
Now let us come to the story. Neil, brother of a police cop, is now into smuggling –smuggling of diamonds that raises fund for Naxalite operation. The unfortunate fellow had heard his brother dying, dying slowly. His brother was escorting a politician’s car and the total convoy became the victim of an ambush operation. Well, how Neil’s mental condition can be described? No pen can –even if it be the powerful pen of Amish! So we are unaware of what impact it had on Neil’s mind and what strong determination is buried deep inside his mind.
Let us come to another protagonist-Styla. She is from South Africa, in a NGO and has just started to identify her blossoming youth. But an incident had made her world upside down. At deathbed, her father told him that he was only her foster father-it was someone lese! Someone who is an ultra leader had raped her mother and gifted her a part of him in the form of Styla when her mother went to India. That led her to a trail to India.
Destiny sometimes makes impossible possible. So destiny took them together, amidst a bus journey in the dust laden road of rustic primitive India where man has to fight day and night to survive, where development is only on paper and where ultra movement thrives because man love to dream-love to believe in their words that good day is about to come!
The emotion associated with their first meeting is sure to cause a sensation in every skin pit of yours
“Something is lingering in the air, it’s a strange mix of love, tension and impending doom: something is about to happen, the air is electric, but neither Styla nor Neil can be sure of what it is exactly. There’s attraction between them but this is beyond that: it’s more of a foreshadowing, and considering where they are and whose could visit them during the night, its better not to underestimate any of the stimulus they receive from the world around them.”
Styla is in India in search of her father-who had raped her mother and deserted her. Can she track him down?
Neil is associated with a group of ultra and the veteran group leader Debraj wants Neil to attempt a prized catch – a beautiful gem ,almost a fifty carat Alexandrite and wants him to join the mission as he is ‘sneaky, fast as a tiger, smart as a panther, able to disappear like a snake..”. Will he beckon to his wish? Does he have any other mission deep inside his mind-the man who has heard his brother dying by the ultra attack?
Where destiny will take these two souls? Filled up with twists and turns the reader is sure to encounter surprises at every corner and ultimately will discover that all the things may not be the same as they seem.
Filled with thrill elements, this novel that tells the story of two hearts of Styla and Neil coming closer is sure to catch reader’s attention.
The apathy of the Government towards development and wiping out the root cause that nurtures the movement becomes prominent from this quote
“the sad truth is that they either never reach the needy as they are stolen at the storage plants or the corrupt politician of the day gives them to the terrorist groups straight away-if only she could report where they are..”
The operational procedure, hideouts of ultra groups, their group hierarchy the combat strategy of the Government sneaking their way into the book is a result of extensive study on Naxalite movement which is of late caught attention of the world.
It’s hard to resist the temptation to quote a part of the book that offers some rare insight into the combat strategy of the Government
“Salwa-Judum…. a part of this outfit had a few devils dressed as angels. Salwa-judum otherwise was a civilian militia appointed by the Government to protect the local community from Naxalites. However it was disbanded by the Supreme Court in 2011 declaring the outfit illegal and unconstitutional.”
I have specially quoted the lines because countless cases of human right violation have been reported by the human right groups against innocent tribal by these groups!
In the words of the writer
‘It’s the story of the two souls that are meant to be together. However first they needed to overcome their inner demons and then conquer love…..the journey inwards is a long one but most rewarding. Who can love anybody, without experiencing what love is?”
And it is love that gives them power to stand against power that flows from the barrel of a gun.
Overcoming all obstacles……..
Triumphing human will over human fragility…..
They are real soul mates ,the tiger mates……

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