Will there be a scandal?

What’s there in a name? You can call her at whatever name you may like, but at the end of the day she will be that charming sweet lady you loved from your mind.
The initial sentence is aimed at the protagonist of our story-Mira, but it is appropriate as well as for the title of the story. For a story of sheer romance by MM George, the name “A scandalous Proposition” seems a bit off targeted. There is noting scandalous in it, there is nothing to be felt ashamed of for our protagonists- Because love is not a crime.

Our little story unfolds among a dramatic situation- Mira receiving a phone call from one unknown male (unknown to reader) dictating (yes, you have heard right) her to meet at a cafeteria. What we have heard till then that the meeting was about the sister of Mira. The title and the way the story progresses till then initially gave me an impression-oh, so this is a blackmailing type story! But as the story progresses some different picture unfolds. He was Ranbir Dewan-of Dewan group of industries. He is a rich brat –to whom institution of marriage is a misnomer. What he believes that the mutual consent is necessary for the S thing. Anyway the man informs Mira that his brother is madly in love with her sister and it is now his duty to make her sister acceptable to the rich and famous Dewan family.
The first meeting between the two protagonists offer a shade of humour to the reader- Mira was there to the Dewan industries in pursuit of a job at the cafeteria, but she had wrongly landed in the wrong floor and came head to head with Ranbir-the top brass. She was wrongly assumed the typing assistant and immediately was handed over with the job of typing a letter hearing it from the Dictaphone. Needless to say that wrong landing has literally landed her in a disaster and she fled. This time he landed rightly on the right floor and got his job at the cafeteria.
But nobody has assumed that this wrong landing has literally a crash for both of them. As the story unfolds slowly reader will understand who will fell for whom. Let that be suspense for the reader right now.
Now come to the story. Dewan seemed to have no hesitation about women. He can propose to a woman-even against her will, but seems to be very much puritan in respect of physical intimacy.
A piece from the story will prove the point, as well as give our readers an impression of the writer’s power of bold description
“Inside the flat, she flicked on a muted light and went over to where he stood, arms crossed, leaning against the wall. She pressed her lips against his mouth, grinding her hips against the bulge that was growing in his trousers. Ranbir pulled her roughly towards him, hands reaching under her silk halter top to find the clasp of the lacy bra she wore underneath, snapping it open. She moaned as his hands covered her breasts, fingers rolling her nipples to attention. Her body arched in pleasure, begging him to take her further. Ranbir pulled at the ties of her top and let it fall in a pool at her feet. He lowered his head and took a dark nipple into his mouth.”
My readers must have been disappointed by now because I have to end this blow hot description of matters right here. But for the benefit of you, the orgasm didn’t happen. He seemed to be too tired.
Now let us return back to the main story.
They both chalked out a plan and her sister was presented to the grandmother of the handsome Dewan as her personal assistant. The plan was that she will conquer her mind and get eventually accepted as a part of the Dewan family-a transition from housekeeper to bride.
In spite of having no faith at the institution of marriage –Ranbir started to have a feeling of attraction towards Mira.
Then there comes the colourful party-where everything went upside down.
Lots of story has been told. If I said something more-then your job of reading will be spoiled.
So will her sister will be able to make her way in, in the family?
What will happen to Mira and Ranbir?
Let that be a secret for the moment.
But I will leave one hint for the reader-will it is all well that ends well or will it hit the headlines as a scandal.
don’t forget they are the rich and the famous.

The description and narration makes this story an absolute delight to read and enjoy.
Revelation of colourful Indian culture through the story adds a new dimension to the glowing backdrop of this romance novella.
But one thing I must say, that the writer has left nothing for the imagination of the reader. Sometimes a little beating about the bush enhances the acceptability of the story to the readers.




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