The great Iron War -an amazing story

Hope is a dream-and when dreams die, life is like a bird with broken wings that can’t fly.
At least that is what we have heard about hope.
Welcome to the strange world of Altadas-where hope is no longer offers a transition to the individual. Rather human is in a crusade against hope.
It is a world of darkness-where all the conventional meanings of good and well and nice things have been reversed.
Individual seems to harbor on today in this strange world, because there is no tomorrow. Nobody knows what curse tomorrow morning light will bring for them.
Sometimes even time dares to move forward and the wheels of the progress of civilization come to a standstill.
The time when demons rule over human-civilization is replaced by a cruel, all prevailing barbarism!
Thus begun Dean F. Wilson’s Book one of the series –‘The great iron war’-‘Hopebreaker’, a curious blend of fantasy and science fiction.
For today individual has to earn a living and when every door is closed-has to resort to works that are dubbed as offence! So Jacob-our protagonist of the story has to smuggle –no not gold or diamond or precious ornaments, but contraceptive amulets that the pure women of this world are mad to buy at any amount of iron coil-the currency of the demon kingdom to avoid giving birth to demon spawns!
fifteen years ago ,in the desert world of Altadas- the rule of human has been replaced by the rule of demon A cruel brutal regime which came into power controlled the birth of human. Now very few have been left who were born during the iron regime. The writer has left it to the imagination of the reader –how the demon king had done it? Is it a scientific method? Or some genetic mutation of fertile women has been done? We will see throughout this book this uncertainty of facts has made this book really an enjoyable read.

But all dreams have not been shattered for the human-still order is fighting a bloody battle against the regime.
Jacob-a man who smuggles amulets into the city of Blackout is within such a bloody battle. Destiny took him to get close to Taberah-the beautiful lady leader of the order.
The cruel regime snatched away the land and the sky from the human and established drug factories in the cities. It is the drug on which demons survive and are called hope. Here human is the production machine-in a worse state than a beast. Destiny also made Jacob a part of the scouting mission to the hope factory at the city of Blackout-derived its name thanks to the smoggy atmosphere and eternal darkness there. And the ultimate aim-is to destroy the factory-of course!
And what if they succeed?
In the words of Domas-the guard to the brutal regime
‘If you have succeeded’ Domas explained-‘then many of us would have starved. The city of blackout would have been host to a feminine created by the Resistance, and I think your support would have wakened as much as the bodies of our poor children. yet the iron Empire would go on, for there are six more Hope factories in Altadas, so perhaps your plan was altogether too…..hopeful.”

And in this world of machine-can there be any place of human emotion? Any place for human relation?
Can Jacob be indifferent in this struggle for existence? Can he remain neutral?
The resistance leader is in a ploy to deploy its experimental land ship-the Hopebreaker against the demons. Jacob played his part in the mission as well.
Can Hopebreaker be proved itself worthy of its name in its first mission of destroying the Hope factory?
And what fate awaits Jacob and Taberah,the, Resistance and the Order?
Will they be successful in their mission of wiping out the regime?
What happens when human emotions been replaced by iron?
I am absolutely at love with the concluding part of the story-where a new glimmer of hope is arising and this hope is not drug. it is the dream that tells you to stand against salvage regime ,to stand against all odds, to the triumph. let me quote a few lines from the conclusion
“So” Jacob said, stretching his arms as if he had just gotten out of his web. Something told him that there would be more webs to snare him on the voyage ahead. “Have you got a name for this tin can?”
Rommand looked at Taberah and smiled “yes”. He said” the lifemaker”.

This is an absorbing tale mixed with fantasy and science fiction elements. It is a sequel and one thing I can assure you, after finishing you are sure to spend some sleepless night in anxiety before you do have the book two in your hand!


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