Some stories may leave you in all smiles; some stories may leave you with tears. Which one of them will emit more melodious notes-when played in the guitar of your mind?
You know that your love will never return back to you. You can see her memory around you, feel her invisible presence –but knows that she will never return. How you will feel. She was like writing on the paper of your mind-the writing has vanished; only the white paper remained. You are like a body without a soul-doing everything like a robot, lifeless, joyless-alone in the world.
Facts are always stranger than fiction and D.Sathwik’s true account of life, turned into a romantic fiction this proverb has proved its worth. She came to his life like the fragrance of jasmine and mesmerized him all around. She was like a splash of rain- making him green!
The prologue of the story unfolds itself after some eight years from the climax of the story. Our young protagonist, Ritwik, was attending a reunion of friends-have to open up his mind, to share this saga of love and tragedy. Thus the story had begun in a flashback-some fifteen years ago.
For Ritwik it was virtually the love at first sight. Both were tender, merely at their adolescence and it was the sweetest moments of life-having the feeling of an addiction called love. And it was not just one sided affair. Let me quote a few lines from the book
“Where have you been? Why didn’t you come to school? Why didn’t you tell me that you won’t be coming? Do you have any idea about how long I waited for you near the school?
Suddenly she started sobbing! That made me realise how big a mistake I had committed. She told me how badly she missed me which made me feel guilty, I did not think of her even come in the past three days.”
Is not the feeing wonderful? Imagine yourself in place of Ritwik.
Will not you feel you are in the seventh heaven?
Their hearts continued to open up to one another like the blossoming of the petals of a beautiful flower- two beautiful minds coming closer. It was not wild story of love, tales of passion, but rather a cool bridge of romance, gently kissing the foreheads of our young protagonists.
It seemed like a cakewalk for them- accepted by their parents too. Despite occasional misunderstanding and a very feeble probability of formation of a love triangle-it seemed that it only was a matter of time before two hearts unified in one!
But destiny played cruel jokes sometimes. The smooth sailing of the ship of their life suddenly turned into rough water in a storm. God played the role of the villain and turned Ritwik into a moving piece of stone in a whisker! In the words of the writer-“every day when I lay down to sleep, Shrita’s image came to my mind, and I couldn’t sleep. When I wanted to eat, I couldn’t eat. When I saw a rose, I could see Shrita. I knew she would not comeback but I was not ready to accept that.”
That seven year love affair is the best part of his life that shaped him the person that he was. To him she was the angel who gave him the magical moments of his life- defining moments that shaped him. A short quote from the blurb will revel much than I can write
“In a feeling named love is my story, my experience with love-the best part of my life-put into words.”
It is a neatly woven story. The ornament of the story line is the simplicity of language and absorbing way of narration! It is the story of the writer himself-in company of a girl with golden heart who taught her the true meaning of the four simple lettered word-LOVE.
I do not know why that after completing this story the concluding words of the novel ‘Father and son’ had crossed my mind- ‘they tell us not of eternal peace alone, of that great peace of ‘indifferent’ nature; tell us too of eternal reconciliation and of life without end.’
Time is the best healer, but some wounds never get healed with time. Relentlessly blood continues to drip down from those invisible wounds. Those wounds can change the life forever. The conclusion says it all-‘a feeling named love, changed my destiny and I will be IN A FEELING NAMED LOVE forever….’



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