Piracy is a growing concern for the otherwise thriving Indian film industry. According to one recent report by Earnest & Young, Indian film industry lost $ 959 million and around six lakh jobs thanks to piracy. Otherwise speaking the piracy rate is estimated to be at 60%. According to two independent reports, India is placed among the top ten countries in respect of P-2-P infringement. To the outside world, such types of image of India dubbed it as a country with no respect of copyright at all. To a community of internet users this piracy is a matter of no consequence and they get engaged to such acts with both domestic and international sites. In the grey market duplicated copies of recently released movies are available at a substantially lower price than the single ticket price of a third graded theater. So much so that celebrities like the chief minister of a state of India downloads a recently released movie from the internet and proudly announces about it in his facebook page! Video piracy is virtually a silent killer of the Indian film industry.
Under this gloomy scenario of Indian film industry, Dr. Kalyan.C. Kankanala‘s recently released legal thriller ‘Pirates of Bolywood’ assumes special significance. The writer, himself being a senior counsel in the field of intellectual property law has assimilated loads of information in this fiction adding up to the sheer brilliance of this fiction.
The dramatic prologue of the story sets the perfect background. An aged man was kidnapped under gunpoint from a luxury cruise, hosted by the uncrowned ‘badsah’ of Bollywood. Reader will keep guessing and assuming what will come next, but will not find answers to whom, why, what type of questions. This unpredictable nature of the thriller makes this a book that the reader simply can’t put down!
The curtain of the story unfolds in a management consultancy firm, with one of the partners, Vikas Lamba exchanging ideas on some project pi and the way the story goes, reader can well guess that it’s a dangerous mission, working on which may lead to life risk, but readers don’t get any clue on the nature of the project itself. At every corner of the story avid reader will find many such suspense and surprises! The partner rang one of his trusted comrades working on the same project, a top notch lawyer in IP law and in his utter dismay, nobody received the call. it is from there the suspense of the story thickens a short quote from the book may prove worthwhile-
“viren’s phone rang, and kept ringing till it got disconnected without being answered. It was nine in the evening, way past his working hours, and Lamba knew Viren would be sipping on his routine drink in the solitude of his office. What got him worried however was that Viren always answered the call within the third ring. Lamba tried again, but the result was the same. On rare occasions, when Viren missed a call, he called back within 10 minutes. Lamba waited for half an hour, but did not get a call or a text from Viren. Lamba called again, but this time Viren’s phone was not reachable.”
This mystery thriller has three protagonists, like three points of a triangle shaping the story. The first one is a lady cop with unmatched power of detection and presence of mind, a lawyer who is truly passionate and devoted to his profession and a management consultant who is literally playing with fire – in a dangerous mission. Looking for a murder trail the lady cop encountered some unexpected realities that exposed the dirty side of human psychology and eventually lead her to the root of this thriving racket of piracy world. The lawyer is defending an organisation that is apparently encouraging people to infringe copyright law in the name of freedom of expression and will. But was the organisation is as transparent as its claim? The management consultant is literally playing with fire- harbouring on a dangerous mission that a three pronged strategy intended of curbing the racket of piracy. At first glance all three threads may seem to be unrelated , but a closer look will reveal that the three thread lead to the same knot!
It’s a world of shadow and light –where some figures are under facade, some silhouettes can be seen moving- everyone seems to hiding their true identity! In this mystified environment someone is directing the puppet show – all players are merely acting on stage at the stroke of a string. Who is that mastermind? Revaluation comes at the climax – and it may be shocking to readers!
The way the writer tells the story, gives his readers a virtual tour of the fiction, realizing that he or she is amid witnessing the action packed thriller on screen. Take this piece of action from the book-
“To Jose’s horror, Francis responded by pulling the trigger, and before Arjun understood what was happening, Ilahi moaned, slumped, and went still in a pool of blood. a loud scream followed from Jose, but it was engulfed by a thundering noise from above. Astounded, Bob and his compatriots ran up the stairs, leaving the room open. Arjun and Jose quickly checked on Ilahi, and learned to their utter dismay that he was dead.” `
Don’t you think it is a lovely visualization? However I think that those with weak heart may have problems while reading the thriller.
But if you think that your heart is beating strongly, grab the book and enhance your heart beating rate……..

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