When her child goes to sleep, she always tells her a story of brave prince and wonderful princes, of deeds noble and brave……..
And of course the ever smiling round object that her child always sees on the night sky, beaming at the child.
While telling the story she always desires that her child to have a sweet dreamy sound sleep, but in addition to that this story propels child’s imagination.
When the kid turns a little older, time begins for this imagination to take a shape, wondering-‘oh, why moon is so bright? What it is made of? How far away it is? Can a car will be able to take me to the moon in an hour?’
Twinkling stars are so far away and the sun is so bright! They can rarely be a subject of continuous curiosity to the child. But the moon! So big and so sparkling silvery! Splashes of watery white silver glow fuels the imagination of the child to such an extent that the kid even imagines the moon to be uncle moon!
But why he is so sad?
When he converses with little Mithu, things become a little clearer. He said-“I heard something that has left me shattered! You know just a while ago, as a rowdy bunch of stars moved past me perched on the fluffiest of clouds, I heard them laugh at me. They said I had a BIG DARK SPOT on me that made me look UGLY! I’m devastated…..yes, that’s what I am! Who would have thought that I, the perfect round and milky white Moon, would actually have a DIRT PATCH on me! Tell me girl, do I have a bog dark spot on me? Do I look ugly?”
Thus begins a lovely work of fantasy, ‘The moon wants to be spotless white’ by Priya Naryanan– suitable for the children of the age group of 5-12.
Let us return to the story. The moon has some idea to clean up his patch, although at first thought it may seems to be a ridiculous one. Exclaimed he to little Mithu-“early this morning, though the sun was intent upon hiding me with his silly colourful brushstrokes, I managed to catch a glimpse of the dhobi washing and hanging out sparkling white clothes by the river. it was then that this brilliant idea struck me. If I could somehow get down to the ground, we could ask the dhobi to scrub me clean too! I know I would be battered and scrubbed and squeezed a bitt. It might be rather painful…..but that is but a small price to pay for pristine white beauty, isn’t it?”
To little Mithu, it seemed an impossible task1 and impossible it was too, pulling such gigantic object down to earth and then cleaning him…… But somehow she was convinced by the moon to harbour into the ‘mission’!
So she sought the help of old dhobi kaka, rather the dhobi dada (grandfather) to device a plan to accomplish the mission! And they chalked pout a fool proof plan too!
Had the plan worked? Had the beauty of the moon been restored?
The rest of the book is absolutely delightful taking you through a fun filled journey. The narration of the writer is so lively, so visually expressive that sometimes you may wonder that whether you are reading a book or watching a 3D movie!
The illustrations are a part of the asset of the books that tells the story from a humorous viewpoint. The neatly woven story line coupled with thrilling climax makes the children love to read the book again and again.
Story, illustration, printing quality and art paper printing-all make this book truly an asset for the children. With an inherent message embedded in the book, parents will simply love to gift this book to their children.
This book is highly recommended for kids in the age bracket 5-12.and last words of whisper to the parents-when you get some time off to your busy schedule just scroll down the pages. the nostalgic feeling will mesmerize you!
The same feeling when you used to hear your mother telling you a bedtime story!



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